How To Spot A Quality Souvenir

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Tourism is a major industry in Australia and a large portion of that can be attributed to the vast collection of souvenirs available. From the humble kangaroo magnet to large scale replicas of early buildings there is no end to what you might find in the many gift shops dotted around tourism hot spots. Using the kangaroo magnet as an example lets go over some obvious signs of quality souvenirs and what to keep an eye out for when doing your holiday shopping.

The Materials

In the case of a kangaroo magnet, the most obvious sign of quality is the very magnet itself. If they are displayed stuck to a metal surface (like a board or sign) then test how much give they have before they come off. If they are quite sturdy despite some reasonable force put on them the build quality is clearly quite good. Another good sign for quality materials is weight: in almost every case the heavier something is the more time and materials were put into it to make it last longer, especially when it comes to souvenirs.

The Display

A quality souvenir is one that looks good and is built solidly. When it comes to looking good on a kangaroo magnet you should want to see clearly defined features, multiple colours and a clear division between the kangaroo and the magnet. The more defined and well rounded the features of the kangaroo the better. The richness of colour is also a very good point of differentiation. Good paint and manufacturing make a product that just looks clearer and lasts longer. When looking at souvenirs always check how good it looks under a light as well, your phones flash can be used in most cases.

The Shop

You can tell a lot about the souvenirs a shop sells by the shop itself. If you notice that the shop has a lot of well-made items that originate from local artists and are displayed in a well thought out manner then you can trust that this is a place you can do business with. Remember that there are many places and stores to visit and never enough time in the day to visit them all so you need to be wise with your time management. If your heart is set on a kangaroo magnet (or any other item) then do a quick scan for what you are looking for and, if you can't find it, move on. Alternatively, you can always ask the assistants working in the store for help if you have a bit more leeway in your schedule.