Some Additives You Can Use to Enhance Your Resin Art

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Resin art is a popular technique that involves using epoxy resin to make paintings or sculptures. The resin can be moulded or poured onto a flat surface, where it will harden and become a solid plastic. The resin usually consists of the epoxy mixed with a hardening agent, but in fact, there are other additives that you can use to enhance your art.


Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, the resin can be given pigments to give it colour. The whole palette of bright colours is available and can transform your pictures into a vibrant and striking display. You should remember when adding colour that a little goes a long way, and too much pigment added to the resin can cause it to toughen. As long as you follow the manufacturer's guidelines though, and perhaps with a bit of practice and experimentation, you will find it easy to add a splash of colour to your artworks.


Secondly, additives can be bought that will give the resin a wide variety of textures. Some will give the resin a metallic sheen that will imitate a number of different metals. Others will produce a "crackle" result, in which the resin will develop cracks as it dries, which can be deep enough to produce a three-dimensional effect. The resin can also be made to produce a stone appearance and resemble marble or concrete. These can be used to create striking effects which make it look like the artwork was made on a particular surface.


Lastly, the epoxy can be treated to produce various special effects. For example, glow-in-the-dark pigments can be added to produce a luminous effect, transforming your art and bringing it into a whole new dimension. Isopropyl alcohol can also be added to produce cells in the resin that will give a beautiful "bubble" effect. The resin can also be fortified with glitter, crystals and tiny decorative stones to produce a sparkling result. Although you do not need to use glitter designed specifically for resin art, it is a good idea to check with the supplier that it will be suitable for this purpose.

With the addition of various pigments and effects, the only limit on your art is your own imagination. Your resin art supplier will be happy to answer any further questions and make suggestions that will help you to explore new ideas in your art. For more information about resin art supplies, contact a local seller.